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Fruit Tree Pruning & Care

Benefits of Fruit Tree Pruning and Care

  • Better quality and quantity fruits
  • Healthier trees less susceptible to disease, damage, and pests


The best time to Prune is in the spring before the buds begin to break. Yearly pruning encourages new growth on fruit bearing wood. Correct pruning cuts and care can make a difference in the crop of fruit the tree will produce in the coming years.

Pruning out any dead, damaged, or diseased branches will help maintain the health of the fruit tree as injured trees attract pests and disease. There are specific ways to prune each type of tree depending on factors such as age, branch type and size, when and where they flower, fruiting season, desired shape, etc. Apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines, pears, apples, plums and prunes, to name a few, all have specific ways they like to be pruned for optimal and delicious results.

Late winter is the best time to dormant spray fruit trees because like fruit tree pruningpruning, it must be done before the spring buds break, as the spray will burn the new foliage. Dormant spray is an effective way to control the pests and diseases that have over-wintered on the tree such as aphid eggs, twig borer and peach leaf curl. Another way to control these pests and disease is to incorporate more biodiversity onto the foliage and bark of the tree by regularly spraying a compost tea, in which the microbes will take up most of the space leaving little, room, if any, for the pests and disease to live. Some major benefits of using a compost tea is that you can use it as often as you like without harm, it won’t burn any foliage or stain surroundings, and, it increases the biodiversity leaving little room for harmful pests and disease to flourish.

If you have fruit trees that that wont be harvested don’t let that good fruit go to waste! Contact Lifecycles; a not for profit society dedicated to food and urban sustainability. They have an ongoing program called the Fruit Tree Project where they organize volunteers to pick the fruit for you, and then the fruit is shared between the tree owners, pickers, and local food banks. For more information visit www.lifecyclesproject.ca/initiatives/fruit_tree/.


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