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Hedge trimming and shaping

Benefits of Hedge trimming and shaping

  • Helps provide privacy
  • Helps protect from wind, dust and noise
  • Helps prevent wind, storm and snow damage
  • Can be used to define boundaries within or around a space
  • Can be a beautiful background used for color, foliage, flowers or scent


A Hedge is defined as a fence formed by closely growing bushes. There are many trees, bushes and shrubs that can become a hedge with proper care, pruning and maintenance techniques.

A formal hedge is best-kept looking neat and tidy, which does require annual or semi annual shearing, removing a portion of the current seasons growth anhedge trimmingd done one or more times per year. The proper shape for a formal hedge should be wider at the bottom than the top. This way light can reach the whole plant keeping it full, dense and healthy. An informal hedge is pruned only to shape them or keep in scale within the space. An informal hedge looks best kept in its natural form and may never need to be pruned at all.


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