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Irrigation Design and Installation

Benefits of Irrigation

  • Can be designed or re-designed to suit the needs of a new or changing landscape
  • Can have as many zones as needed for each watering area
  • Provides the right amount of water at the right time, helping you adhere to the seasonal watering restrictions and keep the landscape healthy
  • You can ‘set it’ and ‘forget it’; with an automated timer you can set the sprinkler system to water depending on the season and needs of the landscape


From watering cans to soaker hoses to pipes and emitters set on an automatic timer, a properly designed Irrigation System can save you both time and money. Depending on what the needs of your landscape are, you can have a system designed, or re-designed to ensure the most efficient watering of your lawns and gardens.

Watering your lawns and gardens with hoses and sprinklers can be time consuming, monitoring the timing and dragging around the hoses and irrigationsprinklers. Starting with a detailed site plan, an irrigation system is designed to suit the needs of the landscape. There are two main types of Irrigation Systems; Drip and Micro-Irrigation. Drip irrigation will deliver water directly to the root zone where it slowly seeps out into the soil. Micro spray irrigation will deliver a soft rain like shower to the surface of the plants and soil. Some yards may use a combination of drip and spray, and both can be turned on manually or used with a timer. It is argued that micro spray irrigation is far superior to developing a self sustaining ecosystem in the soil because it provides moisture on top and then soaks down into the soil for the microbes in a natural rain-like way, with little proof that much moisture is lost to evaporation. Micro drip on the other hand is said to be better for gardens and specific plants because it gets water directly to the root zone losing nothing to evaporation.

Since water is a vital part of life, even a low maintenance yard requires water, and healthy soil is full of life requiring moisture for the microbes living in the soil, who in turn help create food for the plants. When you water, you want to do it deeply and not often. Short frequent watering results in weak plants with shallow roots. When you water deeply you are allowing water to saturate the soil and encouraging the roots to grow deep and become strong. It is important to saturate the soil evenly, making sure not to space the water emitters to far apart. Soil texture, specific plants or areas, and seasonal weather conditions will determine the rate of spray or drip. For example, a lawn only needs 1” of water per week. For more information on irrigation systems, outdoor watering tips and seasonal watering restrictions, visit www.crd.bc.ca/water/conservation/outdoorwateruse/outdoorsavingtips.htm, and for information on water sustainability visit www.waterbucket.ca.


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