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Lawn Mowing & Edging

Benefits of regular Mowing

  • The smell and feel of a freshly cut lawn
  • The appearance of a lush and healthy lawn
  • A comfortable and convenient space for recreation
  • Mowed to the right height, resists weeds, insects and diseases
  • Any clippings left on the lawn return important nutrients to the soil


Benefits of Edging/Trimming

  • Sharply defined areas and edges
  • A professionally finished looking landscape


Regular Mowing and proper cutting techniques are absolutely essential to a happy healthy lawn.
A general rule of thumb is to only remove 1/3 of the height of the lawn at a time. This keeps the grass tidy looking while not cutting into the crown of the plant. If you don’t practice a regular maintenance routine, you risk cutting too much of the grass at one time which may damage the crown, decrease the grasses ability to photosynthesize, and increase the possibility of weeds, pests and disease. Mowing high also creates deeper roots resulting in stronger turf.  But, if mowed too often or kept too short, a lawn can be weakened. Mowing when the lawn is dry is ideal, but for the west coast, not always an option. It is important to use sharp mower blades, so as not to have ragged cuts, which can be an entry point for disease.
As the seasons change, so must the frequency of cutting the lawn. The rate at which a lawn grows will determine when to cut the lawn. During peak seasons, lawns have a growth spurt; therefore must be mowed more frequently. In early spring and shoulder seasons growth is slowed and so mowing is not necessary as often.
Trimming or Edging creates a neat edge along sidewalks, walls, trees, fences, garden beds and walkways, and, can get into and around tight spots where a mower cannot.

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