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Moss and Weed Control

Benefits of Moss Control

  • Aesthetically pleasing lawn that looks great with even texture and color
  • Counteracts the mosses desire to take over your lawn
  • Minimizes soggy and muddy spots with more uniform absorption and retention of seasonal rains and watering


Benefits of Weed Control

  • Aesthetically pleasing lawn that looks great
  • Control so the weeds don’t overtake the lush lawn– only keep the pretty ones like those mini daisies and buttercups
  • No prickles in your bare feet!


New - Tiger Torch Weed Removal!

tiger torch

See the video

Propane powered Tiger Torch can effectively burn out persistent annual and perrenial weeds. No harsh chemicals or tedious hand pulling. Perfect for makeover areas, diveway edges, paths and overgrown patches.

The directed flame burns weeds and roots to just below the soil surface, and clears the ground of weed seeds.

tiger torch weed removal

Moss and algae in a lawn is usually a result of improper amounts or type of fertilizer, poor drainage or air circulation, and, too much shade. Moss is a green, velvety plant, which grows in damp habitats. You know you have moss in your lawn if it is soft, spongy and damp. Algae appear as green to black, slimy scum that cover both bare soil and green lawn areas.

If you cannot control moss by raking, then you may need to look at an organic soil amendment to treat the moss or algae, but results will only be temporary. Proper mowing height, spring and fall liming, power raking and aerating will help but for permanent solutions, look for and eliminate the conditions causing it.

What is a weed?” “A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Weeds are wild annual or perennial plants growing where they are unwanted and in competition with plants that have been deliberately grown. Weeds will grow wherever the soil provides the necessary environment, and that means they will grow wherever most plants will. Weeds are telling you the soil is out of balance for the preferred plant. For example, dandelions generally mean your soil is lacking calcium.

Even if your lawn is weed free one year, the following year it can have weeds growing again because of seed dropping birds, animal and foot traffic, and winds that can carry seeds for miles.

Improve the conditions of your soil and the weeds will disappear. Hand pulling, increasing the biodiversity, re-planting/re-seeding an area can help control weeds, but as with moss control, unless you look at the conditions causing the weeds the results of eradicating the weeds will only be temporary.

For more information about soil biodiversity visit www.soilfoodweb.com.


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