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Benefits of Nature Trees

  • Provides food and shelter for many critters
  • Unique and ever changing Sculpture in the yard
  • Giving back to nature feels great!


Nature Trees

Decaying or dead trees are wildlife havens. They are used by mammals, birds, amphibians, and insects as places for feeding, nesting, resting, roosting, perching, grooming, displaying, courting, hunting, and hibernating. A tree can take decades or even hundreds of years to grow, die, and decay. At each stage it provides valuable habitat for wildlife. More than 90 species of birds and mammals in BC depend upon wildlife trees for habitat at some time during their lives.

Unfortunately, at the time a tree becomes most useful to wildlife, it is often cut down for aesthetic or safety reasons. Sometimes this is unavoidable. However, in many cases, it could be trimmed to a height of three or four meters to become a snag or tall stump, with a few perching branches left on or added later. To further enhance habitat, plant vines at the base and soon natural tree carethey will wrap their way to the top. Wisteria, Virginia creeper, clematis, honeysuckle, and trumpet vine are good choices. A combination of two or three is even better.

If you don’t have a snag of your own, it may be possible to rescue a tree that has fallen in a storm and erect it as an artificial wildlife tree.

 Page 14 Naturescaping BC Provincial Guide


How can DP Lawn & Tree Service help? We can safely take your tree down to the recommended height, or go even further and make it beautiful by carving a simple birdhouse into the top. Then you not only have reserved a piece of habitat for nature but you have a unique garden or yard sculpture for years to come that will change over time and throughout the seasons. For more information about Nature Trees visit Naturescape at www.hctf.ca/naturescape/about.htm.


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