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Benefits of Power-Raking

  • Removes dead tangled grass and moss from your lawn
  • Allows air, moisture, and fertilizer access to the ground and the lawn root zone
  • Decreases watering requirements
  • Increases disease resistance
  • Allows for lawn rejuvenation and/or renovation, creating space for new grass growth which is the greenest in color


Benefits of Core-Aerating

  • Decreases soil compaction and allows for better air, moisture, and fertilizer penetration to the root system
  •  Reduces puddling and run off
  • Allows space for contraction and expansion in freezing temperatures helping keep the ground more level
  • Allows for lawn rejuvenation and/or renovation, especially transitioning a chemically managed lawn to organic

Power Raking your lawn is simply mechanically raking through the built up layers of decomposing grass stems, moss, dead roots and debris that has accumulated, and then removing it from the lawn. When you have a thick power rakinglayer of thatch and/or moss on your lawn, water does not reach the roots. Insects and diseases find thatch a great place to live too. A lawn with a thick build up of thatch feels spongy when you walk on it. Removing thatch/moss allows room for healthy new growth.

Core Aerating removes small plugs of soil from your lawn. Roots need air as well as water and nutrients for growth. Another benefit of aerating is that when the cores from aeration are returned to the lawn, they will help to decompose the upper surface of the thatch.

The best time to Power Rake and Aerate your lawn is in spring when the lawn will have time to recover through the vigorous growing season of spring and remain healthy through the summer, fall and winter. Aerating can also be done in the fall, which is especially good if you are on soil amendment program. Power Raking and Aerating can also speed up the transition of the landscape from chemical to organic practices by helping the fertilizers and soil amendments, air, and moisture get down into the soil where it is needed.

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