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Pruning and shaping of trees, bushes and shrubs

Benefits of pruning and shaping

  • Improved health and prolonged lifespan of plant/tree
  • Pests and diseases can be removed
  • Can direct the growth and shape for desired aesthetic result
  • The aesthetic value is enhanced = increased value in property
  • Improves the quality of the plants/trees flowers, fruit, foliage, or stems


To Prune is to trim by cutting away dead or unwanted branches or stems. Good pruning can promote, preserve, and enhance health and structure of the pruning shrubsplant, while accommodating our human needs.  Some factors that come into pruning or shaping are: what time of the year is it, is it a young or mature plant, what is the ideal scale or fully mature scale of the plant, when does it flower and when is it dormant, what is the plants purpose in the landscape, is the plant stressed or unhealthy? Pruning out dead, diseased, or damaged wood can be done at any time of the year.

Before a Tree is pruned you’ll want to decide why you are pruning in the first place; for example you might want to let in more light or remove a hazardous branch, then you plan your cuts accordingly. Proper tools and cuts for each type of tree will keep the tree healthy, after all, pruning is intentionally injuring a tree by cutting into it, so you’ll want to stress the tree as little as possible. Topping of trees is not recommended, as it pruning treesencourages the tree to grow more shoots resulting in a dangerous tree that will need to be re-topped over time for safety reasons and will be more prone to pests and disease. Topping trees devalues property because it is seen as a maintenance expense (re-topping, storm damage cleanups, or removals). If you wanted to top trees for view enhancement or to let in a little more sun, an alternative would be to remove selective limbs.

Pruning or shaping Bushes or Shrubs is done at various times of the year. Generally, prune spring flowering shrubs once the flowers have died (spring flowering = summer pruning), and prune summer or fall flowering shrubs during dormancy (early spring). Besides removing any dead, damaged or diseased wood, certain cuts are made to shape the plant and to control or direct growth. The pruned cuts are left so that the plant can heal itself, tar paste is not used anymore over cuts.

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