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Sod and Seed Lawn Installation

Benefits of Seeding

  • Very economical
  • Weed and disease free if seed purchased from a reliable source
  • Rewarding to watch as nature does its thing


Benefits of Sod

  • Instant green lawn – just like magic!
  • Immediately covers up mud or dust so it cant be tracked indoors
  • Sod is uniform, clean and healthy when you install it
  • Can be installed in places where seed is hard to establish such as heavy traffic areas, or a slope that will erode easily 


Lawn Installation by Seed can be very rewarding – watching it grow from seed lawnseed into a soft green lawn within such a short time is amazing. And, it’s much more economical compared to a sod lawn.

Seeding with a cool season grass blend will give you a mix of grass plants providing some diversity in the lawns monoculture. It’s best to do during the early fall or spring when the seeds will be warm and moist enough to germinate. First the soil is prepared by leveling out the area and any rocks removed. Then fertilizer and soil amendments are added, and the area is moistened. Seeds are spread, gently raked in, and then top-dressed with compost or topsoil. The area is then rolled to ensure the seeds make good contact with the soil and watered in thoroughly. This would be a great time to water with compost tea, as it would introduce much biodiversity into the soil from the beginning. And healthy soil grows healthy plants. Flagging or roping around the newly seeded area is necessary to keep foot traffic off, but animals may still wander on through.

Sod is commercially grown grass cut into strips with a thin layer of soil. Compared to a seeded lawn, which takes a few weeks to germinate sod and seeddepending on the season, and then longer to become established and strong, a sod lawn can be useable within a few weeks. Such fast results does cost more than a seeded lawn because of the price of the sod itself and the additional labor to install it.

Laying a sod lawn is instantly gratifying – like magic! First the soil must be prepared, much the same as seeding a lawn. The soil is leveled out and any rocks removed. Then fertilizer and soil amendments are added, and the area is moistened. The sod is then laid, keeping the edges tightly together, making sure to keep the sod moist. A roller is rolled over the sod to ensure contact with the prepared soil, and then the sod is watered in thoroughly. Again, this would be a great time to water with compost tea, introducing extra biodiversity into the soil from the beginning. A sod lawn can be installed at almost anytime of the year as long as there is sufficient moisture such as irrigation or spring rains. It might be a good idea to put flags or string around the newly laid sod until its established.

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