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Stump Grinding


  • Can level out landscape for other uses
  • Keeps tree roots from growing into landscape and ‘lifting/altering’ grounds
  • Visually appealing once ground has healed


After a tree has been removed down to a stump in the ground, unless you stump grindingare going to carve the remaining stump into a chair or have an artist create a special piece of garden art, a special piece of equipment called a Stump Grinder will literally ground the stump out and leave a big hole where the tree once was. Fill in the hole with dirt and repair with seed, sod, or shrub plantings etc. With a little T.L.C the earth will repair itself and there will be no sign of a tree. However, if left, a tree stump can be a wonderful wild animal or plant habitat, or resting spot. But if you do leave a stump to rot, it will decompose and cause a void, or hole, in the ground where the stump once was.

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