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Top Dressing and Over Seeding

Benefits of Over Seeding

  • Helps keep lawn looking green and lush year round
  • Can be used as an affordable method of patching or repairing a damaged section of lawn
  • Can be done to partly renovate or rejuvenate a tired lawn


Benefits of Top Dressing

  • Provides nutrients to soil
  • Regular topdressing can help decompose thatch
  • Enhances health of existing soil by adding organic matter to lawn
  • Assists in the healthy development of a new lawn or over seeding


Over Seeding can keep a lawn looking green and lush year round. Over top dressingseeding with a cool season grass blend will give you a mix of grass plants providing some diversity in the lawns monoculture. It’s best to do during the early fall or spring when the seeds will be warm and moist enough to germinate. You can prepare an existing lawn, or patches in it, for over seeding by power raking and/or aerating, but its not always necessary. For successful over seeding the soil must make contact with the seed, so usually the seeds are rolled or tamped down and a then top dressed with a sand soil mix or compost.

Top Dressing is simply adding a half to two inch layer of lawn blend, which is a mix of topsoil and sand, or compost to the top of your lawn, and letting it naturally compact down into the existing soil. The best time to top dress is after you have aerated or before you over seed a lawn. The main reasons you would top dress is to add organic matter to the soil, increasing biodiversity, and, to help maintain or improve the texture of the soil; the water, air and nutrient holding capacity.

over seeding a lawnTogether, Top Dressing and Over Seeding can be an important component in organic maintenance practices as well as part of an ongoing program, allowing for new growth while adding biodiversity. Combined with other soil amendments, power raking and/or aerating, over seeding and top dressing can drastically speed up the desired results while transitioning to organic practices.


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